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Podcasts—named after the famous portable media player, the iPod—are a type of digital audio content you can listen to when and where you want. At Lucilab, we’re big fans of podcasts! Read on to learn why and get some recommendations from our team.


What are the benefits of podcasts?

One of the biggest benefits of podcasts is their flexibility. Since your hands and eyes are free to focus on other things, you can tune in while walking, stretching, gardening, cooking, cleaning, painting, driving… You get the idea! Chores and commutes fly by when you’re listening to a podcast. Plus, you can save time by working out or meal prepping while enjoying an episode.

In addition, you have a huge variety of podcasts at your fingertips. There really is something for everyone, from the purely entertaining to the informative: casual conversations between comedians, in-depth‑ interviews with researchers, immersive narratives, and more! You can find a podcast on just about any subject, no matter how specialized, and discover a wide range of perspectives and audio experiences.

Podcasts also provide a welcome break from screen time. According to a Montreal study, adults who use screens for leisure activities for over four hours a day are in poorer mental and physical health and experience more psychological distress, sleep issues, and dissatisfaction in multiple areas of their lives. Moderation is key!

Finally, listening attentively to a podcast stimulates different cognitive faculties. When you dive into a topic that interests you, your learning ability is engaged. You may also enrich your language with new words and expressions, especially if you listen to a podcast in another language. And unlike TV, which already has its own visuals, audio content encourages our brains to imagine and generate their own mental images of what’s being said.

In short, podcasts are an excellent way to integrate intellectual stimulation into your daily life!

How do I listen to podcasts? Where do I start?

There are thousands—even millions—of podcasts available for free listening on a variety of different platforms. The CBC Podcasts site is a good place to start, as it offers a broad library of content that meets CBC’s quality standards. Alternatively, you can use popular apps such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or YouTube to browse an endless array of podcasts.

Tech tip: For greater freedom of movement (and less risk of getting tangled up), consider getting wireless headphones!

Our team’s recommendations

Naiandra, a healthy lifestyle advisor, listens to The Guardian’s podcast Science Weekly. In this twice-weekly show, experts discuss the latest science and environment news during short 15-20 minute episodes.

Sophie, our marketing and communications manager, listens to The Happiness Lab, in which Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos breaks down scientific research, debunks myths, and shares inspiring stories about what makes humans truly happy.

Vincent, a healthy lifestyle advisor, listens to How I Built This, in which Guy Raz interviews innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders behind well-known companies and brands.

Connie, our intervention program manager, listens to Think Fast, Talk Smart to learn about tools, techniques, and best practices for communicating more effectively.

Maria, our UX-UI designer, listens to Darknet Diaries, a podcast that explores the dark side of the internet (hacking, data breaches, cyber crime…) through the entertaining and approachable narration of host Jack Rhysider. If you enjoy true-crime TV series, you will probably like this podcast!

What podcasts do you enjoy?

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