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Lucilab 2023 recap, from a social ties perspective!

In 2023, Luci advisors held more than 2,191 appointments to help you adopt healthy lifestyle habits, during which no fewer than 855 personalized goals were set. Our platform has continued to evolve, namely with the addition of an audio playback feature for articles and a redesigned questionnaire and overview to make these tools even more user-friendly.

And that’s not all! In the past year, our team has:


  • Launched La force de l’âge, a French-only podcast with audio and video versions of the first 7 episodes
  • Published 19 original blog articles
  • Established relationships with over 15 partners in 6 provinces and territories
  • Attended 3 scientific conventions
  • Hosted a dozen conferences and webinars
  • Hired 11 new people to contribute to our social mission!

Wow. We won’t lie, looking back on everything we have achieved over the past 12 months can be dizzying! But we’re so, so proud. That said, we can’t say bye to 2023 without an honourable mention of the Lucilab employees’ social club events (including – believe it or not! – a burning bus).

So, without further ado, here’s a chronological, behind-the-scenes look at our past year!

HR day

Combining hard work and fun is something we do very well at Lucilab. Our corporate presentations day was expanded to include a Mediterranean-flavoured potluck and a yoga session at the studio next door to stretch our legs. Who says personal data protection and workplace health and safety can’t go hand in hand with a fattouche salad and a sun salutation?

Exploring AI!

Lucilabers took part in the Luci Artificial Intelligence Day. A surprise-filled get‑together at our offices during which we had the opportunity to share our thoughts on AI, test new tools, exchange ideas, and discover new perspectives.

Luci fitness in the park

Everyone was all smiles during our outdoor workout, hosted by the HappyBus coach! It was an afternoon of fitness fun and beads of sweat as we ran around like kids at recess. After all, don’t they say that physical activity and social ties protect the brain?

The Luci Walk

The tradition of our annual corporate green class continued for the fourth year running. After hiking up Mont Shefford in the Eastern Townships and quenching our thirst at a microbrewery, a taco fiesta was organized at the home of our colleague Stéphanie. But our return trip by school bus took longer than expected thanks to the vehicle’s front wheel… catching fire! Rest assured that no one was hurt, thank goodness, and we now have another exciting story to tell people.

A first cross-Canada trip!

In 2023, Lucilab was awarded a grant from the Public Health Agency of Canada to reach a diverse population across Canada, helping individuals from coast to coast adopt lifestyle habits known for their protective effect on cognitive health. This project was long in the works and finally came to fruition during our visit to the Yukon and British Columbia to exchange handshakes and good ideas!

Happy New Year from our Luci family to yours!