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Mindfulness is a way of focusing your non-judgmental attention on the present moment, so you’re equipped to handle the negative impacts of a fast-paced life.


The technique takes various forms, including guided breathing. It allows you to prioritize self-care, connect with your inner world, and better control your reactions and responses to situations.

If formal, sitting meditation is not your cup of tea, no worries! You can easily practise mindfulness with everyday activities and, as a result, enjoy all its physical, mental, and cognitive benefits. It notably contributes to improved mood, better stress management, and reduced anxiety.

What’s more, this form of meditation improves certain brain functions, such as concentration and attention.


Drawing is more than just art therapy, it’s a way to immerse yourself in your feelings and sharpen your sense of observation. It’s also a great opportunity to pay attention to your breath and physical sensations, and to let your creative juices flow. You can create your own masterpiece with no constraints! The aim is to promote relaxation and self-expression, and to accept mistakes as part of the process.

Knitting or crocheting

The intentional gestures associated with craft projects can serve as a means to mindfulness. Applying yourself to the task not only allows you to make unique, colourful pieces, it also opens the door to a form of meditation in motion. Knitting, crocheting, and embroidery are just some of the many activities that keep your hands moving while giving you a few distraction-free hours.


Cooking is an ideal activity that brings your thoughts to the present moment. Shift attention away from screens and notice the texture of the food, follow each step of the recipe, and, above all, savour the memories associated with specific dishes. Cooking is a ritual that awakens a world of senses! It’s about noticing and accepting your feelings for what they are, but also about being mindful of another form of care: the pleasure of eating.

Light housework

You’ve got laundry to do, but no desire to do it? Try bringing mindfulness to everyday tasks! Seemingly mundane activities like washing the dishes, tending to plants, or even brushing your teeth are great opportunities to connect with yourself. Take a moment to stop and smell the soap, notice how your hands move, or simply enjoy the time set aside for taking care of your living space.

Petting animals

Yes, meditation and pets can go hand in hand. The moments shared with your beloved companion not only awaken your senses through touch and smell, they also strengthen your bond of trust. Petting combined with guided breathing and gentle strokes can be as good for you as they are for your furry buddy.

Walking in nature

There’s nothing like a walk in nature to fully engage with the present moment. Combine this activity with the principles of mindfulness and your afternoon in the forest becomes a time for curious, non-judgmental observation of both your environment and yourself. The next time you go hiking, take the time to be mindful of both the details around you and your presence in nature.

So, what’s your favourite activity for unwinding?