In memory
of Luci

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One plus one makes two. But mind and body are one.

Let us take care.

Cognitive health starts with healthy habits:
Intellectual stimulation.
Good nutrition.
Physical activity.

In short, a healthy life means a healthier mind.

Luci is an app created to help you live this new lifestyle one day at a time. One accomplishment after another. Backed by motivational experts.

Supported every step of the way. We’re with you.

The Story
of Luci

In 2014, our founder, André Chagnon, lost his wife to Alzheimer's, a disease that currently affects more than 500,000 people in Canada.

A visionary philanthropist approaching his 90s, Mr. Chagnon is committed to the development of a technological solution to help prevent cognitive decline for all.

And thus, Luci was born, and named after his beloved wife, Lucie Chagnon.

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