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Luci is a program created with the objective of reducing the risks of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

The program addresses three pillars: healthy eating, physical activity, and intellectual stimulation.

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Get an overview of your lifestyle habits

Take stock of your successes (and less-than-successes). Then decide what you want to improve. It’s your health after all.

Broaden your knowledge

Learn more about healthy eating, physical activity, and intellectual stimulation. Use our tools to turn theory into practice.


Create a concrete, motivating game plan

Move at your own pace towards your personalized goals.

Get support from the Luci team

The healthy lifestyle advisors are there to listen, answer your questions, and help you reach your goals.


Take action!

Gradually incorporate activities you enjoy into your routine.

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Lucilab is a philanthropic project whose mission is to promote brain health through the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits.

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A program rooted in science

Our research team and scientific committee work hand in hand to advance the state of knowledge in the field of cognitive decline prevention. Not only is our program evidence-based, but it also undergoes a process of scientific validation, including a series of three clinical studies.

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Luci's approach is based on solid scientific knowledge in the field of prevention and behaviour change.

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