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Our Team

Our Research and Intervention, Technology, Marketing and Business Development, and Administrative departments bring together varied and complementary talent.

Backed by our dedication and commitment, Lucilab’s multidisciplinary team is focused on achieving our societal mission of reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Marc-André Chagnon

Marc-André Chagnon, M. Sc.


Pierre Bérubé

Pierre Bérubé

Executive Director

Isabelle Lussier

Isabelle Lussier, Ph. D 

Research and Intervention Director

Sylvianne Chaput

Sylvianne Chaput

Vice President

Maxime Lévesque

Maxime Lévesque, eng.

Chief, Technology

Sophie Geoffrion

Sophie Geoffrion, MBA, PMP

Marketing and Communications Manager

Laurence Lemaire

Laurence Lemaire, CPA

Accounting Manager

Zacharie Klok, M. Sc.

Data Project Developer

Maria Alcaraz, M. Sc.

UX/UI Designer

Guillaume Filion

Guillaume Filion

Administrative Assistant

Jean-Benoit Racine

Information Technology Architecture and Security Lead

Philippe Brunet

Front-End Developer

Fatou Gaye

Quality Assurance Analyst

Stéphanie Roy

Business Analyst

Leila Brahem

Marketing Coordinator

Christéva Montanède

Project Coordinator

Carla Kaouk

Senior Accounting Technician

Angie Bondi

Translation Project Lead

Eliana Aubé

Research Professional

Matthias Goupil

Senior Front End Developer

Marie-Christine Lemieux-Couture


Our healthy lifestyle advisors

Luci's advisors are trained to support participants in three areas known for their protective effect on the brain: healthy eating, physical activity, and intellectual stimulation.

Working in collaboration, our advisors come together in a community of practice to share knowledge and expertise, review anonymized cases, and participate in continuing education.

Connie Ann Ramos

Connie Ann Ramos, RD

Intervention Program Manager

Charles-Émile Desgagnés-Cyr

Charles-Émile Desgagnés-Cyr, M. Sc.

Operations Coordinator, Intervention Program

Marianne Vipond

Marianne Vipond, M. Sc.

Senior Advisor

Maude Lagacé

Maude Lagacé, RD

Senior Advisor

Vincent Dubé

Vincent Dubé, B. Sc.


Stuardo Bonilla Duque

Stuardo Bonilla Duque, B. Sc.


Naiandra Dittrich

Naiandra Dittrich, Ph. D.


Laetitia Poirier

Laetitia Poirier, RD


Sandrine Staco

Sandrine Staco, RD


Justine Bélanger-Farineau

Justine Bélanger-Farineau, M.Sc.


For more details about our team’s professional experience, see our LinkedIn page.

Connie Ann Ramos

"Changing your lifestyle is a long-term commitment that requires the right support. My knowledge and my great listening skills allow me to guide you throughout your change process."

Connie Ann Ramos, advisor and community of practice manager

Charles-Émile Desgagnés-Cyr

"Positivity and enthusiasm are my best tools for promoting an open and transparent conversation. My goal? Support you in your change process."

Charles-Émile Desgagnés-Cyr, advisor

Marianne Vipond

"Patient and dedicated, I have a great team spirit. Count on me to keep you motivated during your journey toward a healthy lifestyle!"

Marianne Vipond, advisor

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