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It’s early December and our team has been bitten by the holiday bug. What better way to spread our joy than by sharing gift ideas?

So, buckle up, cause our team has plenty of ideas to unwrap! You’re sure to find something for everyone on your list while stimulating your brain and/or theirs!

1. Give the gift of Luci

This is always at the top of our list, no matter how self-serving it sounds! The Luci program will give your loved ones effective tools for looking back on the past year and a big push towards achieving their resolutions. So, instead of just wishing them good health, why not take that extra step by offering concrete ways to make it a daily priority? (And it’s free!)

2. The book of well-kept secrets

Is your collection of grandma’s remedies so awesome it would make a witch jealous? Can you get rid of any stain, no matter how stubborn? Should your spaghetti sauce be given heritage recognition? Is your thumb so green that you could reverse climate change? It’s time to turn your best tips, tricks, and recipes into a family heirloom that can be passed on to future generations!

3. The Christmas card station

Looking for something intellectually stimulating to do with your grandchildren? This idea is the perfect way to show off your creative side with a touch of love. It’s as easy as ABC: Just lay out all sorts of arts and crafts materials on the table, such as construction paper, washi tape, glue, sequins, sparkles and glitter, stickers, origami paper, crayons, paint, or whatever else inspires you. Put on some mood music and let the crafting chaos begin!

4. An invite to your workshop

Do your friends and family envy your cooking skills? Are you a pottery virtuoso, a knitting pro, or some other type of prodigy? Why not offer a beginner’s workshop to those who have expressed an interest in learning the basics of your passion? You’ll get to pass on your know-how and spend a day in good company, and, who knows, maybe you’ll also help someone discover a mutual love for your favourite hobby.

5. Healthy meals for the busy people in your life

The daily routine of ‘work-eat-sleep-repeat’ can get hectic, leaving virtually no time to cook balanced meals—a reality of many people, including your loved ones. Time to pull out your Tupperware! All you have to do is lovingly prepare your most cherished recipes and freeze them in individual portions. For an extra special touch, personalize each meal with a sweet thought, a funny joke, or an inspiring quote.

6. Journey back through generations

How about spending a fabulous day time travelling through your family history? Choose your own adventure, such as revisiting your childhood neighbourhood or visiting the place where your grandparents grew up. Add a touch of intellectual stimulation by mapping out your itinerary! You can even preserve your family legacy by creating a keepsake book complete with vintage photographs to accompany your map.

7. Workshops in nature

Is someone in your inner circle a budding sorcerer or a humble mycologist? There are tons of workshops that shed light on the forests and woodlands around us. Whether it’s identifying medicinal plants, studying mushrooms, or gathering wild plants, exploring the natural world is all about being physically active and stimulating your neurons! If you have an adventurous friend, why not take part in a wilderness survival workshop?

8. A sports date

The romantics among you may be looking for a special activity to do with your significant other… look no further than a sports date to charm your beloved. It could be anything from a dance class to a rock-climbing lesson, but think of an activity you’ll both enjoy (because yes, it can also be a little gift from you to you). Be careful, though, you may discover a common passion that could take you far!

The entire team at Lucilab wishes you a wonderful holiday season filled with cheer, joy, and long-lasting memories!