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These five recommended apps that you can play on a computer, smartphone, or tablet can help expand your routine of intellectually stimulating activities. All of our recommendations have been tested by researchers and published in scientific journals. They may just pique your interest in modern “tech” hobbies that give your brain a workout!


Don’t forget that when it comes to stimulating your neurons, variety is a sure bet! Brain‑training games and exercises are great activities that can be easily incorporated into your routine of intellectually stimulating activities.

But remember to vary your interests and cultivate your curiosity by regularly engaging in different educational activities, such as reading or learning a new language. And take screen-free breaks every day.

Five brain-training app ideas

1. From neuroscience to visual art, Lumosity combines diverse disciplines to help create personalized programs that focus on cognitive functions, i.e., the brain’s abilities such as memory and attention. Test three different games every day for free!

2. The CogniFit app offers brain-training exercises and games designed to be fun and to boost various cognitive functions (memory, attention, visual-spatial and executive functions, etc.). It also includes a section with exercises for people aged 55 and older.

3. HAPPYneuron makes it fun to stimulate cognitive functions such as language, visual‑spatial functions, and executive functions. Free games are offered on their site (HAPPYneuron), allowing users to try the app before committing.

4. NeuroNation allows you to create a personalized brain‑training plan based on the cognitive functions you wish to work on, i.e., information processing speed, concentration, and spatial recognition. The app features some 30 brain-training exercises and over 250 levels to help you progress. Take advantage of the 7-day free trial to try out the app.

5. The BrainHQ games and exercises stimulate a variety of cognitive functions like memory and information processing speed. One new exercise is offered every day for free to allow you to try the app.

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