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These holiday gifts are a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle and get those neurons firing. Put them on your wishlist or treat a loved one!


1. Discovering the Luci program: Wishing health to your loved ones is a wonderful way to show them you care. Could your spouse, sibling, or friend benefit from a structured program that helps them take control of their lifestyle? Luci might be just what they need! Introduce them to the program by sharing this link—and maybe even offer to sign up yourself to support them on their journey. The best part is that the Luci program is offered free of charge to eligible individuals thanks to philanthropic funding and a government grant.


2. À la carte yoga classes: Yoga is good for the body and the mind. Many studios offer packages of 5, 10, or 20 classes that you can attend whenever you want according to your schedule. Virtual classes have also become more popular in recent years, making it easier than ever to loosen up your joints in the comfort of your living room!


3. Cultural membership: Visiting cultural attractions is an intellectually stimulating activity that helps keep your mind sharp. Gifting—or receiving!—a museum or theatre membership encourages these types of outings and turns the occasional indulgence into a regular event.


4. Home-cooked meals: With busy schedules and skyrocketing food prices, a few home-cooked meals can be a practical and welcome gift. Choose recipes that freeze well, such as casseroles, lasagnas, soups, or muffins. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even throw in a homemade recipe book!


5. Fitness challenge registration: A fitness challenge can be a great source of motivation to get active. We can’t say it enough: regular physical activity has countless benefits for cognitive health. The event could be a race, a bike-a-thon, a triathlon… Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be the most original gift under the tree!


6. Custom puzzle: Putting a jigsaw puzzle together is a great brain exercise that requires many cognitive skills, including observation, concentration, and problem solving. Want to add a personal touch? Some companies print custom jigsaw puzzles in the size of your choice based on a favourite photograph. Yours could showcase a family portrait, a travel snapshot, or even a picture of the family dog. You decide!


7. Cooking class: Discovering new ingredients and learning new techniques in the kitchen is a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family. Check out the classes offered by culinary schools in your area: Mediterranean cuisine, vegetarian for beginners, Japanese sushi… There are options to suit every diet and palate! Want a more intimate experience? Some chefs and nutritionists offer private classes in your home.


8. Gift certificate for a creative activity: Creating art activates the brain in all sorts of ways. If you’re looking for an activity that requires focus and fine motor skills, try an introductory class in pottery, stained glass, glassblowing, candle making, or any other craft that sparks your interest.


9. Help out: Sometimes, the best gift we can offer is our time and expertise. Is your son overwhelmed by his kids? Give him the day off and bring your grandchildren to the Insectarium! Is your niece interested in gardening? Gift-wrap a few packets of seeds and offer to help prepare her flower beds come spring. By being attentive to the needs of those in your circle and community, you’re sure to find a fun way to help out!


The Lucilab team wishes you a happy holiday season!