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There are many ways to be physically active. When it comes to physical and mental health benefits, free activities are just as good as state-of-the-art sports facilities! Here are a few suggestions for moving without spending money.


Walking: a timeless classic!

Whether it’s to get active, explore your city or head out on a hiking trail, walking is a simple, free activity that comes with many benefits. Need some motivation? Organize a walking club with friends or join a group in your area. Psst! As well as being enjoyable, socializing is a protective factor for the brain.


Racquet sports: working on your cardio, coordination and reaction speed.

Tennis, pickleball, ping-pong… there’s a racquet for everyone! Outdoor facilities can be used at no cost in many municipalities. All you need to do is book a court. Don’t have the equipment you need? Borrowing it from a friend or neighbour, in exchange for a service or a kindness, means you can avoid buying new items.


Get active at the park, a multipurpose playground.

What do tai chi, yoga, dance and strength training have in common? In addition to being good for your body and brain health, these activities can all be done… at the park! Many studios and community centres organize classes outdoors during the summer for a minimal cost. For “beefier” training, you can find TrekFit circuits near you or make strategic use of a park bench as a fitness prop. Handy, right?


Swim, in nature or indoors.

Gentle on the joints, swimming is a comprehensive physical activity that works the muscles of the entire body. Thanks to funding by municipalities, many public pools offer free swim sessions at no charge to residents, with or without a reservation. In hot weather, jumping into a lake is pure bliss. To be visible to motor boats and be able to take breaks, wearing a swim buoy is recommended.


Play to reconnect with the joy of moving!

Dust off the bocce balls, jump with a skipping rope, throw around a baseball or Frisbee, play basketball or soccer as a family… all kinds of games allow you to have fun while staying physically active. As a couple, among friends or with children or grandchildren, the only rule is to be a good sport


With a little research online or in your municipal or community activity guide, chances are that you will discover some new and economical activities to get active this season!