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Keeping your home neat and tidy contributes to your physical and mental health. When you roll up your sleeves and clean up, you give your muscles and joints a workout. What’s more, housework can reduce stress and improve your attention span.


Housework counts as exercise

Sweeping, raking, tidying the kitchen, wiping down the mirrors . . . Doing household chores helps keep you in shape! It loosens your joints, engages your muscles, and (if you really work hard) gets your heart pumping. To maximize these benefits, try to do a few extra exercises (e.g., jumping jacks, stretches) during your chores. Staying active promotes good health; housework is just another way to keep moving!


Clutter affects your mood

Dirty dishes, discarded clothes, and dust bunnies can really take a toll on your morale. More often than not, clutter makes us feel unfocused. Affected by our messy environment, we become scattered and overwhelmed. Often, the untidiness of our home is distracting and prevents us from engaging in other activities.

A study published by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute showed that our brains naturally prefer order. Using brain imaging, researchers demonstrated that living in a constantly disorganized environment affects cognitive function and reduces concentration. Another study revealed that people who feel overwhelmed by the many possessions in their home are more likely to procrastinate (i.e., put off tidying until tomorrow). Some people get trapped in a vicious cycle of procrastinating and accumulating clutter.

By establishing a housework routine, you’ll not only feel more organized and focused, you’ll also be more open to life’s opportunities. According to many psychologists in the field, cleaning up gives you a strong sense of satisfaction and control—not to mention a boost of confidence and self-esteem!


The joy of tidying up

Over the years, we all accumulate stuff. But if your closets and garage are overflowing, it’s time to declutter! Are you struggling to let go? That’s okay. The task can be daunting, if not downright painful. Many objects have sentimental value, which is perfectly normal. To help you decide what’s worth keeping, experts recommend that you think about what sparks joy. If the object is meaningful and associated with positive memories—and makes you happy!—there’s no reason not to keep it. But if you’re holding on to something because you might need it one day, or just because it’s still in good shape, pass it on to someone who can use it now. Netflix has several shows on the art of decluttering. You can check them out here.


Now that the weather’s warm, it’s time to clean up and declutter your living space. Who says housework has to be boring? To keep you motivated, make it fun! For instance, you could play your favourite music as you work. Time to clean house!