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Did you notice? The address of the Luci App has been changed from to Here are the answers to five questions you may have.


1. Why did you change the address (URL)?

The Luci App is available in French and English. We wanted its web address to be easy to remember and pronounce in both languages, so we decided to change the URLs and to

As a bonus, the app’s new URL ( is similar to our website URL ( Our team thought this was a nice touch!


2. Will this change impact me?

Not at all. Similar to how the postal service allows you to forward your mail to a new address when you move, we have created a rule that automatically redirects users from to

If you already have a Luci account, your information will be stored and you won’t have to create a new one. In other words, you most likely won’t even notice this change, and your experience with the application won’t be affected!


3. What’s the best way to access the Luci App?

  • Enter the address directly: Type (or copy/paste) the address into your browser’s address bar.
  • Add the Luci App to your favourites or bookmarks: To do so, open the application by clicking here, then click on the little star on the right side of the address bar. The Luci App will then appear on your menu bar. You’ll be able to access it anytime with a single click.
  • Access it through the Lucilab website: Type “Luci App” into your search engine. The Lucilab website should appear among the first results. Open it, then click on the orange “Go to App” button in the upper right corner.


4. Can I download the Luci App from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)?

No. For now, Luci is a web application, which means you must access it through your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.), just like any other website.


5. What’s the difference between the Luci App and the Lucilab website?

The Luci App and the Lucilab website are complementary. Their respective roles can be described as follows:

  • The Luci App ( The app features an extensive library of educational articles and other useful information on healthy lifestyle habits and brain health. It’s also where you can join the Luci program, which is designed to encourage people to adopt lifestyle habits that are known to have a protective effect on the brain. The program allows you to take stock of your current habits, set personal goals in relation to physical activity, healthy eating, and intellectual stimulation, and benefit from the support of a healthy lifestyle advisor.
  • The Lucilab website ( The website is a great place to learn more about our history and mission, our team members, the researchers on our scientific committee, and our partners. It also contains our press releases and scientific publications, as well as a blog featuring short articles, which is updated monthly.

If you have any comments or questions, please write to us!