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Meal planning is a never-ending weekly challenge, to say the least. What with inflation and the desire to do our bit for the environment, planning what to buy has never been more important.


Luckily, technology provides access to tons of free resources for finding inspiring recipes, planning menus, reducing food waste, and saving money and time. Here are a few mobile apps to simplify your life in the kitchen!

For planning

Most major grocery chains have digital apps for smartphones and tablets that can help make food shopping a breeze. Not only can you browse the weekly flyers and create your own grocery list, you’ll also find meal ideas featuring discounted foods. The Flipp and Reebee apps put all those weekly flyers from the major chains in one location, allowing you to check out what’s on sale at various grocery stores. Super handy for finding the best deals and saving time! Need inspiration? Glouton can suggest recipes based on what’s in your fridge and pantry. It takes the inventory of ingredients and foods you already have at home to create tasty menu options and give neglected produce another chance to shine!

For saving miney and reducing waste

FoodHero displays the lowest-priced products at participating grocery stores near you. The goal: To fight food waste by displaying products that merchants want to sell quickly, while enabling their customers to save on their grocery bills. Simply open the app and you’ll immediately see great deals from various stores. Similarly, Flashfood allows retailers to display food items that cannot be sold, either because they’re nearing their best-before dates or they’re a little banged up (think fruit and vegetables). It’s a great way to keep perfectly edible food from being thrown out… and help customers save money! Lastly, Too Good To Go allows you to enjoy “Surprise Bags” from various shops, supermarkets, bakeries, and even restaurants in your area! It’s a great way to reduce food waste and be surprised by interesting, low-cost products.

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