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Please carefully review the following appendix regarding the risks of using an electronic means of communication as well as our electronic communication terms of use. During Counselling sessions and through our questionnaires, you might reveal Personal Information of a sensitive nature. You must understand the risks, restrictions, terms, and guidelines associated with using any electronic means of communication for Counselling purposes. When you share Personal Information or any other content with us, you do so at your own risk.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


1. Risks related to the use of an electronic means of communication.

In light of the foregoing considerations and the risks outlined below, LucilabTM cannot guarantee the security and privacy of electronic communications due to the following reasons:

  • Despite Lucilab’s best efforts to protect the privacy and security of electronic communications, it is not possible to guarantee the complete security of all information.
  • Using electronic communications to discuss sensitive information increases the risk of such information being disclosed to third parties.
  • Electronic communications can be forwarded, intercepted, circulated, stored, or even changed without the knowledge or permission of Lucilab or the Participant.
  • Despite the recommended use of encryption software as a system for securing electronic communications, certain communications with the Advisor or members of their staff who use electronic means of communication might not be encrypted.
  • Electronic communications may be disclosed in accordance with a duty to report or a court order.
  • Employers and online services may have a legal right to inspect and keep electronic communications received and transmitted through their system. We recommend using your personal computer to access our services in order to mitigate the risk of your employer having access to your information.
  • Electronic communications can introduce malware into a computer system that can damage or disrupt the computer, networks, and security settings.
  • Please note that videoconference sessions will be recorded through our vendor, VonageTM. When sessions are recorded, there is a higher risk to privacy than when they are not recorded. For example, if hackers have access to sessions stored with our provider, Amazon Web ServicesTM, they could potentially access your Counselling sessions.
  • Electronic communications are subject to disruptions beyond Lucilab’s control, which may prevent the organization from providing its services.
  • Even if the sender and recipient delete the electronic communications, backup copies could be saved on another computer system.
  • Emails, text messages, and instant messages can easily be forwarded, which increases the risk of them being unintentionally sent to an unknown recipient.

It is easier to falsify an email, text message, or instant message than a handwritten or signed document. It is impossible to verify the identity of the sender or ensure that only the recipient will be able to read the email once it has been sent.


2. Electronic communications terms of use.

  • An Advisor may forward electronic communications to members of their Counselling team and to Lucilab’s third-party vendors, but only as described in the Luci App Privacy Policy and the Corporate Privacy Policy. Apart from the foregoing, Lucilab may not forward electronic communications to any third party, including family members, without prior written consent from the Participant, except as permitted or required by law.
  • Lucilab is not responsible for any loss of information caused by technical failures related to software or an internet service provider.
  • Prior to starting Counselling using an electronic means of communication, Lucilab and the Participant will establish a procedure to address the following situations:
    • Steps to be taken in the event of a technical problem that causes the Lucilab services to be interrupted;
    • The Participant shall notify Lucilab of any changes to their email address or to any account information required to communicate electronically;
    • The Participant shall take precautions to maintain the confidentiality of electronic communications, such as using a screen saver and protecting passwords;
    • The Participant agrees to provide notification when they receive an email from Lucilab (e.g., by replying to the message or authorizing an automatic reply to acknowledge receipt of such a message); AND
    • Lucilab or the Participant may terminate the option of communicating electronically at any time upon written notice.

Electronic communications may be copied or transcribed, in whole or in part, and become part of your Counselling file. Other people who have access to your file, such as members of your Advisor’s team, may also be able to access these communications.