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In honour of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, Luci is inviting you to review your perceptions of Alzheimer’s disease. Let’s take stock of what we know about how to prevent this disease and set fun realistic goals that will help support our cognitive health in 2023!


Luci survey: surprising results!

In November 2022, Lucilab commissioned Leger Marketing to survey adults and young seniors in Canada about their perceptions of the risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease (see survey Key Facts).

On a scale ranging from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree,” more than 700 respondents between the ages of 45 and 70 across the country responded to various statements.

The findings are surprising! Although a high percentage (59%) of respondents recognize that their lifestyle plays a role in their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and many (56%) intend to take action soon on this area of their lives, few (37%) know concretely what habits to act on.


How about you? Do you know what lifestyle habits have a protective effect on the brain?

The science shows that up to 40% of cases of Alzheimer’s disease and other major neurocognitive disorders can be traced to modifiable risk factors, most of which have to do with lifestyle habits. This tells us that it is possible to protect the brain over time by adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

The Luci program focuses on three areas: healthy eating, physical activity, and intellectual stimulation. And within these three areas, there are many small steps that we can take to promote brain health, as long as they are done gradually and happily. Want to learn more? You can start by checking out the following three articles from the Luci library.

You are not alone!

Changing your lifestyle habits is not something you can do overnight. The Luci program is specially designed to help you learn more about risk and protective factors for the brain, while offering you personalized support on your journey towards adopting healthy lifestyle habits.

Fill out the questionnaire today to review your current habits and see if you are eligible to participate in the program for free!

Thank you for following us and best wishes for 2023!



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